Sunday, March 3, 2013

KBP - Chapter 1

Review Questions

6. Unix usually written in the C language, with some small snippets of assembler code for low level bootstraps.

13. To be reliable, a program must perform its intended functions and operations in a system's environment, without experiencing failure.

14. Because it's considered very important for reliability.

15. Aliasing is the process of sublimate curves and other lines become jagged, it's because of the file is not high enough to represent a smooth curve.

16. Exception handling is the process of responding to the occurance during the computation, often changing the normal flow of program execution.

17. Because readability affects reliability in both writing and maintenance phases of the life cycle.

20. The name of the category of programming languages whose structure is dictated by Von Neumann is Imperative Languages.

21. Two programming language were discovered as a a result of the research of software development in 1970s are top-down design and stepwise refinement.

25. Three methods of implementing a programming language : Compilation, Pure Interpretation, Hybrid Implementation Sysytems.

28. Byte code provides portalbility to any machine that has a byte codeinterpreter and an associated run-time system.

29. Hybrid implementation systems is the source language statements are decoded only once.

Problem Set

2. Ada Lovelace is said to be the first programmer in human history.Her notes on the engine include what is recognized as the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine. Because of this, she is considered the world's first computer programmer.

3. Java’s thread model is low-level and error-prone, and the language’s stated objective to hide machine details is an obstacle for low-level and real-time applications where such details are intrinsic to the problem.

4. The scientific applications used relatively simple data structures, but requires large number of floating-point arithmetic computations.
   While the business languages are characterized by facilities for producing elaborate reports, precise ways of describing and storing decimal numbers and character data.

5. Artificial Intelligence is a broad area of computer applications characterized by the use of symbolic rather than numeric. Requires more flexibility than other programming domains.
   While the Web Software is an eclectic collection of languages, ranging from markup languages, such as HTML(not a programming language) and to general-purpose programming languages(Java).

15. C++ programming languages uses preprocessor directive while Java is not using preprocessor directive.
Advantage : save time when calling a lot of function.
Disadvantage : the problem is the size of the program. The pre-processor will replace all the macros in the program by its real definition prior to the compilation process of the program.

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